Quality Policy

Spanesi S.p.a is a leading international production company constantly looking for the best solution to design, produce, install, and sell high quality products for the auto body equipment sector.

Company Spanesi is based on its founder’s philosophy and that is constantly carried out by every single employee:


In this context Spanesi has chosen to adopt a Quality Management System (QMS) according to the international regulation:

UNI EN ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System

As a way to improve its performance, process control and to increase customer satisfaction.

The company quality manual and the related documentation have been written according to the regulation mentioned above, considering the best operating methods consolidated over the years of experience gained by the company workers, who have contributed to its drafting.

SPANESI SPA management, through the quality manual and its related documentation as procedures, operative instructions, and forms, has established and documented its own Quality Policy, with the willingness to satisfy the customers' needs by offering products that:

  • - Meet well-defined usage requirements
  • - Meet Customer requirements
  • - Consider the requirements of regulations, unifications, and laws in force
  • - Are made available to the market at competitive prices.

The same commitment will be placed in providing effective and efficient services to ensure:

  • - Efficiency in processes through a constant monitoring of performances
  • - An elevated productive standard
  • - Flexibility and attention to the dynamics and innovations of the market
  • - Valorization of human resources through the training and growth of the competences
  • - Promptness in answer and assistance to the sales network and customers in the technical-commercial phase
  • - Observance of delivery times
  • - Promptness in answers of post-sales assistance

All this in compliance with the regulations protecting the health and safety of workers and environment.

SPANESI SPA management decided to follow the aspects mentioned above as company goals, carrying out the Quality Management System (QMS) to be considered in all respects as an integrative system of the entire organization of the company.

The improvement and precautionary actions are the result of a constant analysis of the company context and risks.

The management assume the responsibility of spreading and sustaining, with the resources and the commitment necessary, this Quality Policy so that it is carried out in all its levels mainly through the training and the involvement of employees, suppliers and of national and foreign distributors.

It is therefore necessary that the whole Quality System is understood, implemented, and supported by the whole staff.

Date: 13/05/2022

The president